First Blog Post!

Don’t get too excited…even though there is a lot on the collective mind in this hive, nothing typed or written has been forthcoming in quite some time. The intentions were good, but summer apathy has set in (not to mention the soul-killing political conventions) and there has been more reading, watching, and therapeutic coloring going on rather than writing. In other words, consumption, not production is the current modus operandi.

One thing I’ve learned about myself lately is that even though I have very LOUD thoughts running through my head at any given time, I seem to have trained myself over the years to keep them to myself lest I offend someone, then never really get around to writing them down. They eventually become submerged in a passive stream of consciousness that somehow flows right out the back door of my mind and heart, to die a quiet and unnocticed death in the graveyard of unexpressed opinions. Yep. Almost always, for the last 15 years or so, at least. Hopefully all that is about to change. Courage, Cowardly Lion!

This is a short post, but a necessary memo to myself that expressing oneself is not wrong or something to be feared, lest one is criticized or made to feel less-than. Perfection is not possible in this life, in which we see, as through a glass, darkly. There are subjects that need to be addressed, battles to be waged, and good and beautiful and noble things to enjoy. I hope you take away something helpful here at The Stumbling Block.

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